Data Security

Eastdawn takes the security of our clients' data extremely seriously. The production network is isolated from the Internet, and the data is loaded and unloaded from a single location with limited personnel having access to this activity. Typically data is transferred between FTP, SFTP or hard disk between clients and Eastdawn, while some prefer to send data on an inexpensive encrypted hard disk. These disks or solid state drives, ranging up to several terabytes, are encoded with a password that is shared with the receiving party. The drives use AES 256 bit encryption which meets US government standards. Eastdawn uses the latest USB and Thunderbolt data transfer technology.

Eastdawn is a privately held commercial business and when it executes a project from another country, there is no obligation for the company to inform the Chinese government about the contents of any media or details of any project. The government is never made aware of the project type or data content handled by Eastdawn. The Chinese government promotes Eastdawn’s type of business recognizing that it adds income to the economy. Therefore, when Eastdawn receives or sends data to foreign clients by hard disk, Chinese customs do not delay or open the data. The company has never had any experience where the Chinese government requested Eastdawn to deliver to them client's geographical data, and this is also true of projects for Chinese clients. There are dozens of Chinese mapping companies offering external services to foreign countries with no known data security issues.