Customer Service


"We have created a high performance, quality-centered environment where working with Eastdawn is so easy that we become an extension of our clients' organization, reducing project cost and risk."

The above statement is the value-proposition that Eastdawn offers its clients. The company is customer centric and the value-proposition is achieved: through the understanding of clients' needs;, the building of trust; attention to detail (quality); and continuous innovation that enables the company to adapt to both the industry and the particular needs of clients. Does your current offshore provider offer this value-proposition?

Clear ongoing communications and transparency are the norm when it comes to customer service at Eastdawn. The company only offers realistic delivery schedules to clients. A North American presence for sales and technical support enables fast and qualified responses to support clients in need.

Communications and Reporting

One of Eastdawn’s strengths is in the area of communications. From project kick-off meetings, weekly production meetings, pilot projects to status reporting, Eastdawn learns its customers’ needs and communicates status. Clients are kept well informed of the status of projects through regular, if not daily, progress reports. If there are any technical issues with the provided client data, Eastdawn determines and provides optional solutions to quickly resolve the problem.